In the beginning, send 5-7 first introduction letters. Our experience shows that you need to send at least 5-7 letters to have a positive reply.

Make your letter informative. Tell the lady the basics about yourself and your life, and ask questions about her life and her interests. The purpose of the first letter is to get yourself noticed, and stand out from the other men she may have received letters from. Be sure to include a picture of yourself (jpeg format only) with your first letter.

Remember, you have seen her, but she has not seen you. Your chances of receiving a response, if you do not send a picture, are greatly decreased. If you don't get many replies, revise your letter or expectations accordingly, and try again.
The Russian woman's attitude about herself is feminine. She expects to be treated as a lady, she is the weaker gender and knows it. The Russian woman has not been exposed to the world of rampant feminism that asserts it's rights in America. She remains sweet and tender with a softness that is absolutely desirable. So be a gentleman.

Don't forget to show your attitude and send small gifts that would be a sign of your respect and care. There are only a few holidays each year, and if you forget to congratulate her birthday or New Year, then you risk losing her to the competition of another man.
Don't delay your visit to see her personally. The average time between beginning of e-mail exchanging and the visit to see a lady is about 6 months. Remember that she joined a dating service, not a pen pal club. One visit is worth hundreds of letters.

This is not the full list of recommendations we can give you, just our tips.