Refund Policy

We want our clients to be happy. However, all we do is sell the contact information of another person. You get that information and then you are on your own. We are not involved in "the getting to know one another process". That is the responsibility of the people involved. Most of our clients do very well but this is dating and friendship making. It is not like buying a TV from a store, where you put a certain amout of money down and walk out with a product.
Dating is an irrational and illogical process. It deals with the emotional side of the brain and not the practical. We use the anology of dating being like throwing darts. You may get a bull's eye the first time or it may take longer. We supply the contact information. You take it from there. If there is a problem with any part of the contact information. Something does not work. Let us know.
For email and telephones, please try it several times. Many times, an email box maybe full one day and the next day it will be fine. The same is true with telephone. There may be a connection problem and then it is fine. Cell phones are harder to make connections. If you call, you may get a voice mail box or answering machine. It is important to try to contact them several times over a period of a few days.
If a physical letter comes back and they have unexpectedly moved. Send us the letter. We will forward it to destination. We have over 10,000 members and generally speaking 99% of the contact info is correct. Keeping track of all these people is a moving target. We do our best. In, most cases we give you multple ways to contact a member. Mailing address and telephone. Mailing address and Email. Mailing address, Telephone and Email. We recommend writing letters by regular mail and putting a few words in their language. We offer you translation of your letter of introduction to Russian.
Letter writing is the most reliable way to contact them. People do not move from houses that much but email addresses and cell phone come and go. In 99.5% of the time the members are still at their mailing addreses. We know that writing a physical letter is less immediate but it is more certain. You have to waite at least 6 weeks for replies. Let us know, we will research the issue with the members and we will try to resolve your problem of communication.